About Us

SAMEC Pty Ltd, is an Australian privately-own company, based in Sydney, operating in Australia and overseas for the past 12 years.

Our focus is on creating efficient processes to help companies achieve business growth through compliance or high-end technology based products. We look to partner with companies to improve and integrate their systems rather than dictate or impose.

Unlike other companies, SAMEC adopts a holistic approach. Reviewing all areas of risk to minimise efficiencies and streamline operating procedures to maximise profit.

Under the directorship of Arjang Safa, SAMEC has evolved and now includes two business areas: Prototypes and Compliance for ISO certifications.

Traditionally, SAMEC has helped companies develop innovative high-end technology products from prototypes to commercialisation. We have developed prototypes for a range of industries including medical, energy and resources, automotive, telecommunications and consumer electronics. Our strength is in understanding the process and methodologies to deliver commercially viable and successful products.

From our experience in developing and manufacturing prototypes, we recognised a need to help companies streamline their operations and processes. SAMEC Compliance is a natural extension of our expertise and skills. ISO Certifications will give companies opportunities to compete on the world stage and expand their businesses across a variety of markets.

Director Arjang Safa is particularly skilled in operational planning, manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, IT, Infrastructure and Business Systems, New Product Development (R&D), and commercialisation strategy for high technology and complex products. He has worked with government organisations including CSIRO and leading companies to create pioneering technologies and products.

He is a qualified Mechanical Engineer having studied at University of Technology in Sydney, with more than 20 years experience. Arjang has consulted for a number of large organisation and held various managerial positions for companies including Finisar, Nanosonics, Evolution Broadcast, Lake Technology and Hypertec.

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