About SAMEC Prototype

Have you developed a revolutionary technology; one that fills a void in the market and will make a difference? If so, finding the right partner to develop your prototype and seeing it through to commercialisation is extremely important.

SAMEC has a proven track record in manufacturing and commercialising high-end technologies for companies in Australia and internationally. We have partnered with organisations such as the CSIRO to create innovative technologies across many sectors including:

Recently, SAMEC has established a Hong Kong office to give our clients competitive supply chains in China and other Asian manufacturing centres. We act as conduits, managing communication and production quality for clients.

We go beyond just making products, we become your partner, assisting you with strategic advice and mentoring to achieve the best commercial results. At SAMEC we understand processes and methodologies. We begin with your prototype design, refining and developing until it is ready for commercial production. Ensuring that you have the right systems in place will produce a successful outcome.

Learn more about how we can help you develop a rapid prototype design and create the next unique technological advancement.