Arjang Safa

Arjang Safa

Managing Director

As Founder and Director of SAMEC, Arjang has been involved in assisting organisations to develop high-end quality technology products, setup business processes and achieve regulatory compliance. He has worked in a number of industries such as medical, telecommunication, internet security, broadcasting, research and development and consumer electronics.

Arjang has developed skills in the areas such as:

  • Compliance and certification
  • Manufacturing strategy Development
  • Risk Management (information security, WHS, quality, environmental and etc.)
  • IT infrastructure and business solutions
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (develop, test, update)
  • Transfer of technology
  • Efficiency, automation and business optimisation
  • Business systems (design, implementation, assessment)
  • Supply Chain Management

He is a qualified Technologist from the University of Technology, Mechanical Engineer, certified business continuity planner and lead auditor.  These skills coupled with years of experience had resulted in countless successful projects covering a wide range of operations and industries. Arjang has a wealth of operational expertise (understanding the business requirements) that can be translated into developing a solid strategy for businesses considering expanding to enterprise level operation. If you are considering your IT strategy or evaluating the ROI on compliance or certification or assessing your information security controls, Arjang can provide you with an obligation free consultation.

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SAMEC Pty Ltd, is an Australian privately-own company, based in Sydney, operating in Australia and overseas since 2003.

Our focus is on creating efficient processes to help companies achieve business growth. SAMEC scales up your organisation into an enterprise level operator in an efficient and cost-effective approach.

All your IT, Security and Compliance Services are managed by a team of experts working as part your organisation.

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