Thanh Tran

Thanh Tran

Chief Information Officer

As a CIO am focused on the development, delivery and management of business-critical systems and services.

My skills have been honed in corporate environments with high-volume users, and I have been fortunate to have worked for industry leaders including The Information Management Group (TIMG), Dolby Australia and Fujitsu Australia.

I managed and deployed a number of projects, examples of which included:

  • Established Data Centre presence at head office and co-location, which underpinned business expansion
  • Expanded virtualization (VMware) environment to deliver automatic replication and failover to DR Data Centre
  • Increased networking LAN and WAN (MPLS and SDWAN) infrastructure across 16 sites adopting Enterprise solutions
  • Delivered business critical IT services to >450 users across 16 sites, expertly driving reliability and service
  • Negotiated telephone and internet co-networking for 3-years’ with Telstra, and achieved significant savings

I also managed suppliers and vendors, which included Telstra, Optus and Microsoft to achieve maximum efficiency and savings, and conducted ongoing monitoring of service performance and KPIs; and spearheaded software procurement and IT adherence to licensing deals to maintain compliance.

As a leader I enjoy building and managing IT and technical teams, and have successfully motivated the delivery of responsive service and support.

Collaborative by nature, I partner with departmental management and stakeholders to determine needs and develop ‘fit for purpose’ IT solutions aligned with business objectives.

I am known for driving service improvements, infrastructure project delivery, managing vendors, software licensing, virtualised environments, support services, and leading core network upgrades.

If you share my interest in IT and would like to discuss your infrastructure or simply chat about it, please contact me.

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